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Dog Training 101

Why Train Your Dog?
Basic Dog Obedience
Crate Training
Socializing Your Dog
Chewing & Biting
Doggy Fun For All
Doggy Toys
Doggy Quiz
Doggy Ecards
Doggy Photos
Doggy Videos
About Us
In order to develop a co-operative companion dog, training techniques must be fair, consistent and fun. All lessons in our training kit are taught with positive motivation to ensure the dog and handler understand their roles in this partnership.
New lessons are introduced with food, especially for puppies, but there is no problem if you choose to train without food rewards. Food helps to speed up the teaching of new concepts, but in order to build a long lasting bond you still need to learn to praise with enthusiasm.

We have a vast amount of practical training experience on many different breeds. We have trained many a dog with food, toys, praise, clickers and specialized collars. Many of our clients are returning with their 2nd and 3rd generation dogs.

All this experience allows us to present the best dog training advice for both the dog and handler. Our goal is to have a positive approach to suit every temperament. It is important that both the handler and dog clearly understand what is being taught and why.

We invite you to try out our dog training kit and see how you can benefit from the knowledge we aim to impart on all dog owners. It is our belief that through informative training we can achieve our vision of happy dog owners with obedient pets.

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